20th INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE IN THE ARTS - 2011_* *ONE-ARTIST SHOW of AGIM SULAJ (Italy) - WINNER of the/GOLDEN AESOP/GRAND PRIX for 2009* /Reproductions of drawings and paintings/ /21 May - 30 September, 2011, Room 3/

Every winner of the/Golden Aesop/Grand Prix - the highest and most prestigious prize awarded at the International Biennial in Gabrovo - is entitled to a solo show at the next Biennial edition. Hence, Albania-born, but living and working in Italy artist AGIM SULAJ is showing 12 reproductions of his drawings and paintings.

Sulaj's collection reveals his keen interest in the social and political issues of united Europe. Most prominent is the subject matter of immigration impelled by the physical survival of the people. Agim Sulaj paints a psychological portrait of poverty; he renders the emigrant's fate and homesickness for the motherland with the anguish and empathy of a personal experience. The artist depicts a gallery of typical images from various layers of society, offering a masterful illustration of their relations by the means of caricature and intense sarcasm.

Agim Sulaj is a world-famed artist; still, drawing and painting for him keep being fun and joy that make time pass by imperceptibly.